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Onedex Power and Water design, manufacture and install a wide range of mass water storage tanks and elevated platforms for the provision of complete water supply and liquid storage systems. We also design, supply and install pressure systems for industrial, commercial, irrigation and household water supply projects.

Our range of tanks are also supplied for the storage of many other liquids such as effluent, chemicals, fuels and many other liquids. The tanks are fitted with custom designed liners to suit the liquid to be stored.

All Onedex Power and Water tanks and equipment conform to all relevant Australian and World Standards and are designed, manufactured and installed to a strict quality system.

We provide a complete turnkey service to our clients world wide.

Our team at Onedex Power and Water have developed a respect and understanding for projects in remote areas and the difficulties that can arise. We also realise the financial constraints involved.

With more than 15 years experience in the water and liquid storage industry, we are able to offer assistance to our clients through the design and budgeting phase of projects. This assistance provides in many cases more cost effective systems along with more accurate project costings. We are then in many cases able to assist with other facets of the project such as the pumping and piping requirements through our Associated companies.

We also provide training of local workers in the installation, operation and maintenance of these systems and products. Ongoing training is imperative to the success of these projects as it creates an understanding of not only the installation and operation, it instills an understanding of the system structure so that maintenance schedules can be programmed as required by the system.

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