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Onedex Power and Water offer a range of tank sizes and designs to suit all your storage requirements.

Your water supply is critical to the success of your property and nobody understands this more the friendly team at Onedex Power and Water. Our years of experience in water storage and water supply systems has given us a unique understanding for this important feature of your property.

All Onedex Power and Water tanks come fitted with standard fittings and accessories many companies call extras. A clean fresh trouble free water supply is a must and with your new tank you have the best money can buy.

The standard accessories on you Ondedex Power and Water Tank include 50mm (2") outlet with valve, 50mm (2") overflow with extension to ground level to eliminate soil erosion, lockable access hatch with padlock, galvanised ladder for access into your tank for cleaning, emergency internal ladder for safety, 50mm (2") floor cleaning outlet and fire adapter and sacrificial anodes to prevent corrosion that will not require replacing in a few years as do many others.

At Ondex Power and Water, our experienced design team will assist with your specialised requirements and designs. All tanks are fully certified to all relevant standards for wind and earth movement conditions of the area concerned.

Contact us with your requirements and location and we will provide accurate pricing and availability and your nearest agent.

Farming & Stock Uses

The Ondex Power and Water range of tanks for farming and stock uses are designed for easy transport and installation in remote areas.

All tanks come in your choice of configuration. If for stock purposes, the tanks come with or without a roof as per your requirements and come complete with 50mm (2 inch) inlet, outlet and overflow, and come with a 50mm (2 inch) cleaning outlet.

If your tank is for household water supplies, the tank will come standard with a steel roof, 50mm (2 inch) outlet with valve, overflow with extension and floor cleaning outlet. The tank also includes a lockable access hatch and a debris filter basket to filter the water as it enters the tank.

All Onedex Power and Water tanks come with a cathodic protection system to eliminate soil induced corrosion. This system is designed to Australian Standards and does not require replacement as do other systems. We have a maintenance schedule to ensure the ongoing operation of the corrosion protection system and thus the long life of your tank.

We have a standard range of tank sizes ranging up to 450,000 litres (100,000 gallons) with the ability to custom design if required.

Please email your requirements for a no obligation quotation to any location Australia or World wide.

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