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Fire and Commercial Water Storage Tanks

Onedex Power and Water manufacture and market a comprehensive range of standard and custom designed storage tanks to suit your individual requirements.

If your requirement is for large liquid storage other than water, the Onedex Power and Water range of tanks can be fitted with an internal liner to suit your application.

The modular design of our tanks allows you to specify the dimensions that best suit the site. If you have restricted space, the tanks can be designed up to 20mtrs in height and varying diameters up to 40mtrs.

If the tank is for a fire protection system, our unique system will allow for the liner to be adhered to the steel panels of the tank protecting the entire water supply against excessive heat damage in the case of a large fire hazard.

All Onedex Power and Water tanks for these applications come fitted with Hot Dip Galvanised internal & external ladders, with rest platforms if required, lockable access hatches and ventilator systems, accurate level indicators and limit switch hatches for easy access for service personnel. We are also able to manufacture and supply full roof hand rail systems for safety purposes if required.

Onedex Power and Water also supply large elevated platform systems up to 30mtrs high to hold up to 250,000 litre tanks for pressurised supplies to subdivisions or industrial complexes etc.

All our tanks and platform systems are designed and manufactured to suit container freight to any location world wide.