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Water Tanks & Water Treatment

Mining & Industrial Water Storage Tanks

Onedex Power and Water design, manufacture and construct an extensive range of water tanks for the storage of many liquids. Some of these applications include potable water tanks, process and raw water tanks, chemical effluent storage tanks, sewage effluent storage tanks, waste water treatment tanks and many others. Our water treatment tanks are in many cases designed and used as part of the process and not just for storage applications.

The Onedex Power and Water range of tanks are a flat panel bolt together construction, stiffened with rolled angles or channes and then fitted with an internal liner membrane or surface treatment to protect the steel structure from corrosion. The internal liner membrane is constructed of materials that will best suit the liquid to be contained and the thickness of the liner membrane will vary dependant on the application.

Aus Asia Water Solutions also have a range of coated sealed tanks for specialised applications and for client preferred projects. These tanks are coated with a range of coatings from high build epoxy coatings through to full baked "Fuse Bonded Epoxy" processes, again depending on client preferences.

We have designs that will provide 50+ years design life with appropriate design and servicing regimes in place.

The dimensions of the Onedex Power and Water tanks can also be designed to your individual requirements. Our tanks can range up to 20mtr in height and vary in diameter to suit the required capacity. These design will suit applications where there is restricted area and large volumes are required.

Onedex Power and Water tanks also can be fitted with your specified fittings with sizes ranging up to 1mtr diameter and flanged to your specification. Anti vortex controls can also be fitted if required