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Kelvin Turner - General Manager

Kelvin Turner has completed his electrical trade in the installing field with extensive experience in the commercial and industrial fields. Kelvin has also had over 15 years experience in the tank design and construction industry having, designed and completed many projects both locally and overseas including a 1.8 million litre water supply tank in Jamaica.

He has had extensive involvement in the design and construction of mass water storage tanks and elevated platform design including the innovation and design a work platform under the main platform on elevated tank towers for the access to floor fittings on the elevated platform installations now used on most elevated platform projects in Australia.

Peter Fry - Production Manager

Peter is a qualified panel beater, spray painter. He operated his own business for many years in Melbourne Victoria before moving to the country in Victoria where he started a successful irrigation supply and installation company. Peter operated this company for several years before moving to Western Australia.

Peter worked for major pump suppliers in WA before joining our company where he manages our production and provides site supervision and design assistance for specific projects.

Greg Dunn - Quality Manager

Greg has worked with our company for some time and has been responsible for the design and implementation of our Quality System. Greg has worked in this capacity for several companies and has a unique understanding of the benefits of an effective quality system.

Greg is responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of our Quality System including inspections, audits and document control.

Allan Dymock - Financial Controller

Allan has been responsible for setting up our internal bookkeeping and project costing system.

Allan provides guidance through the financial aspects of project costings and subsequently profit analysis of individual projects. He has worked in this area for some time and is an invaluable member of our team.

Errol Wilkinson Design and Cad Technician

Errol Wilkinson is a qualified first class metal machinist and has completed many years experience with Western Power both in the workshops and later in the Cad Department gaining extensive experience in programs such as Auto Cad, Auto Cad LT, Micro Station and many others. Errol also has extensive experience with other software and computer hardware systems.

His experience is invaluable due to his understanding of mechanical systems and his ability to assist in design of specific system requirements.

Other Staff

We have many other staff working on a contract basis for our group of companies with extensive experience in large projects. Our contractors have worked with our company for many years and have worked on off shore projects on many occasions. They have experience in working autonomously or with a team and are able to work together and integrate into other team environments where they may be required to work with another company in a supervisory role to complete a project.

We also send our Supervisors to work with unskilled workers in third world countries were they are able to provide experience and work for the local people.

We appreciate the opportunity to present this capability statement to your organisation.

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