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Below is a list of some of the many commercial and industrial projects completed by the Onedex Power and Water design team. These projects were designed, manufactured and constructed by theOnedex Power and Water team including packaging, freight and quality assurance and documentation.

CSR Readymix – Murrin Murrin Minesite WA

3 x 120kl tanks at 8.5mtr diam x 2.35 high for the storage and of chilled water for concrete batching at the minesite building program. These tanks were also externally insulated to assist in the temperature control. Water was chilled to –9degrees and stored for use in the concrete batching plant. This project also included the installation of a major network of polyethylene pipework between the chiller, the tanks and the batching tower. All pipework was also fully insulated.

Roche Brothers – Leinster WA

water tank leinster

1 x 250kl tank at 5.4mtr diam x 10mtr high. This tank was designed to eliminate the need for a tower with an elevated 50kl tank by elevating the required 50kl of water as part of the tank structure rather than on a separate tower. Designed for a fast fill truck fill station. This configuration was recommended by our company in preference to their original request for a 12mtr tower and a 50kl tank. This option was cheaper and provided a greater volume of water at a reducing head pressure if their pumps were to fail.

HGM Engineering – Bidyadanga WA

15mtr tower with 200kl tank including pipework and foundations

GHD Engineering – Leonora WA

15mtr tower with 200kl tank installed including all foundations, pipework and connections to existing supply network.

National Housing Trust – Jamaica

water tank jamaica

1.8 million litre water supply tank for housing development. Tank 16mtr diam x 9mtr high. This tank was designed specifically for additional head pressure to the new Longville Housing Development west of Kingston.

Carib Engineering Corporation Ltd – Jamaica

32 assorted capacity tanks ranging from 50kl to 250kl for installation throughout rural Jamaica for the Jamaica Rapid Response Unit instigated by The Ministry of Water and Housing

Ridgeway Gold Project – Orange NSW

2 x 100kl tanks and 2 x 150kl tanks installed at the Ridgeway Gold Project for water supplies for fire and potable water supplies and for water supplies to underground services.

BRL Hardie – Canberra ACT - Through Environmental Systems

1 x 100kl tank complete with agitator mounting for waste water treatment plant for new winery project

BRL Hardie – Nannup WA

1 x 150kl tank for storage of potable water for new winery project. Tank is 5.3mtr diam x 4.65mtr high

BRL Hardie – Nannup WA

1 x 300kl tank for storage of fire protection water for new winery project. Tank is 10.66 diam x 3.5mtr high.

BRL Hardie – Berri SA

1 x 200kl tank for storage of potable water for existing winery project in Berri WA Tank is 7.45mtr diam x 4.65mtr high.

Eco Winery Developments – Chittering WA

2 x 250kl tanks (1 at 12mtr diam x 2.35 high and 1 at 8.5 diam x 4.65 high) the lower tank designed to suit a catchment system and the higher tank designed to meet the requirements of an elevated storage facility to reduce require space. Ultimate system will comprise 8 of the taller option.

Evans & Tate Ltd – Capel WA

3 x 250kl tank at 8.5 diam x 4.65 high as storage facility, 1 tank for storage of rain water for rinsing of wine bottles in bottling plant and 2 tanks for fire water storage.

Pioneer Building Materials Pty Ltd – Perth WA

1 x 50kl special purpose tank at 5.3mtr x 2.35 mtr high for the storage and re-distribution of reclaim water from the truck washdown bay at the concrete batching plant in Canningvale, Perth, WA.

Newmont NFM Granites Gold Mine

1 x 1050kl open top tank 17mtr diameter x 4.65mtr high for raw water storage for process water. 1 x 376kl roofed tank 11.7mtr diam x 3.5mtr high for storage of RO potable water for general administration block use and gold strip circuit.

Western Mining Ltd Olympic Dam

1 x 376kl roofed tank 11.7mtr diam x 3.5mtr high for potable water storage for domestic use.


Ondex Power and Water have manufactured and installed many other various tanks of various dimensions and capacities for domestic and farming requirements throughout Australia.

pt hedland fire water trucks

Earlier design Fire Water Tank.
Installed Port Hedland Western Australia.
Installed 1997 at fuel facility at warf.
Fully Cyclone Rated.

water storage tanks nt

Current Design Raw Water Storage Tanks
1 x 1100kl at Gold Mine Project
Northern Territory Australia

qld storage tank

Current Design Demin Storage Tanks
2 x 700kl at Millmerran Power Station
Project Queensland Australia

fire water storage tank

Earlier Design Fire Water Storage Tank
300kl at WA Pine Warehouse in Perth
Western Australia - installed 1996
New Design is also flat Panel System