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Water Storage Tanks

Aus-Asia Water Engineering Group personnel have for over 15 years worked in the design, manufacture, installation and project management of water and liquid storage tanks in a range of capacities from 10kl to 2000kl.

We select Australian companies to be our suppliers of water storage tanks for our tank projects in the Asia Region.

With Tank Capacities ranging from 10kl to 50000kl in variety of designs, any project can be catered for by their products and our combined tank design and engineering skills. We cater for water tank requirements in all facets of the market including farm water tanks, stock water tanks, irrigation water tanks, raw water tanks for mining and water treatment plants, house water tanks for drinking water, mass water storage tanks for municipal water supply projects, bore water storage tanks and stage tanks for town water supply systems, chemical storage tanks, oil storage tanks and waste water storage tanks.

All Engineering for the products are conducted by engineering consultants van der Meer Consulting Pty Ltd of Perth Western Australia. van der Meer Consulting have conducted a substantial quantity of engineering work in the Asia region in recent years and are familiar with work procedure and ethics of the region.

Product design can be conducted to suit the individual project.

Industrial and Commercial Tanks

Aus-Asia Water Engineering Group specialize in the design of water and other liquid storage tanks for the industrial and commercial market.

Raw water tanks for water treatment plants, bore water storage tanks for new artesian water bores for town water supplies, bore water stage tanks for pipe line installations for town and city water supply projects and mass water storage tanks for town or city water supply projects. These are just some of the specialized areas that we have worked over the past 20 years in the water tank industry.

Water Tank Design Service

Aus-Asia Water Engineering Group work with our client to design a water tank or specialized liquid storage tank to the individual requirements of the project. We work with our clients on a project by project basis to ensure that the project requirements are catered for rather than the project having to be designed around a "standard range" of sizes from a catalogue or standard list.

We will also design the nozzles to suit the project requirements including the accessories require for the storage tank.

Farming, Household and Irrigation Tanks

Aus-Asia Water Engineering Group provide a full range of standard and individually designed water tanks for this market.

In most cases for this sector of the market, our standard range of water tanks will have a size to suit the application.

In the case of farm water tanks, these will mostly be for water supplies to piggeries, chicken sheds or other farming ventures or they will be for stock water supplies to feed watering troughs and drip feeders. These water tanks mostly supply water via a pressure pump to the facility. In some cases where power is not readily available, we may be required to design a water tank that is taller and smaller in diameter to provide head pressure for distribution of the water to the facility. This is where our design expertise comes into play and we can come up with a design for the water tank that best suits the application.

These water tanks can also be fitted with a variety of accessories to best meet the needs of the individual project. The nozzle sizes and connection types will vary from project to project and can be designed to suit the application.

Raw Water Tanks, Waste Water Tanks and Chemical Storage Tanks

The design of tanks for this range of categories will vary quite significantly from project to project.

Raw water tanks will be required to contain various qualities of water from raw water supplies for drinking water treatment plants, raw sewage for sewage treatment plants to chemical contaminated water for industrial water treatment plants. Chemical Storage Tanks will be required to contain a range of different chemicals and in many different concentrations.

Given the wide range of materials to be contained in these storage tanks, the design of the individual tank will vary quite significantly from project to project.

Protective Coatings

In some cases additional coatings will be required for additional corrosion protection. Some of these coatings will include bitumen compounds spray applied, powder coating, high build epoxy coating and baked enamel. Each project will be designed with the most cost effective option with resistance to degradation of the coating and the tank structure foremost in the decision making process.

Environmental Consideration in Design

As all projects carry a high priority for protection of the environment, the risk of deterioration of the facility and spills into the surrounding environment will not be a possibility with our design criteria.

Internal Lining Membrane Selection

In most cases, these storage tanks will be fitted with an internal lining membrane. As with the structure of the tank and the roof system for the tank, the lining membrane will vary from project to project. The most suitable lining membrane will be selected for the project and certification from the membrane supplier will be sort prior to being included in the project.

The design life of the project will also be a major factor in the selection of all components for the storage tank given the longer the required design life the higher the quality of the materials selected for the project.


The accessories for these projects will also be constructed of a variety of different materials including the relevant coatings to prevent deterioration of the fittings and the potential for leakage.

Fittings, Nozzles and Accessories for Water Tanks

Aus-Asia Water Engineering Group ensure that all our water tanks are fitted with quality nozzles, fittings and accessories in all cases.

All fittings, nozzles and accessories are manufacture to all relevant Australian Standard and International Standards.

Nozzles to be fitted to water tanks, chemical storage tanks and waste water tanks are manufactured from a material suited to the individual application. A variety of connections are available including flanges to all international standards in order that the connection of the new tank is readily suited to any existing system.

Ladders, rest platforms and work platforms can be fitted to all tanks to provide a safe working environment for who work with or on the tanks both during construction and once the tanks are placed in service.

Hand rails are fitted to all platforms and conform to all relevant local and international standards. Hand rails can also be fitted to the roof area of the tank. This option of a perimeter hand rail to the top of high tanks provides a far safer facility for all personnel.

All commercial and industrial projects are fitted with heavy duty lockable access hatches. It is recommended that all access hatches are kept locked at all times when access is not required. This is recommended so that un-authorised persons do not have access to the tanks and accidents can not occur. In some installations where the tank contains waste water that could contain volatile chemicals, breathing the vapors can be harmful and sometimes fatal. Only Authorised personnel would have keys to these tanks and would have the appropriate knowledge of the contained liquid and subsequently protective equipment and monitoring equipment to test the air prior to entry.

Air Scrubber and Treatment Systems

Aus-Asia Water Engineering Group have substantial experience with waste water treatment plants where air extraction and scrubber systems have been fitted to the tanks. In the case where waste water tanks are installed in close proximity to residential areas or where personnel are working, air extraction and scrubbing systems can be required.

Based on the individual application, we can work with our associated companies to design an extraction system that will draw harmful fumes away from the tanks and prevent escape into the atmosphere. The air flow in these installations does not need to be high. The air flow needs only to place a negative flow on the air space in the tank so that if the access hatch is opened, fresh are is drawn into the tank rather than harmful fumes escaping into the atmosphere.

Water Tank and Reservoir Repairs - Dam and Pond Repairs

Aus-Asia Water Engineering Group also specialize in the repair of many types of storage systems including water storage tanks, water storage reservoirs, dams, ponds and many other applications. We also offer a roof lining system for the sealing of concrete roof structures on existing or new buildings.

Water Tank and Reservoir Repairs

Water Tank and Reservoirs are repaired in most cases by repairing the structural state of the tank first and then fitting a purpose made liner membrane to the tank or reservoir. This system greatly extends the life expectancy of the structure given that the water stored in the facility does not come in contact with the structure.

Dam and Pond Repairs

In the case of ponds or dams, cleaning of the floor of the pond or dam is required including the removal or any debris or sharp objects. In some cases, the floor and sides may require lining with sand or with a geotextile fabric to protect the lining membrane from damage. These liner membranes can be manufactured to any size and any capacity and can be fully installed if required.

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